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Arkansans Get a Voice

In Arkansas, citizen-initiated petitions are a critical part of the state's democratic process, allowing residents to propose new laws, amend existing ones, or put measures on the ballot for a public vote. 


Allowing voters to have a voice through citizen-initiated petitions is essential for a vibrant and healthy democracy. It ensures that the government remains a true reflection of the people's will, fosters accountability, and encourages active participation in the democratic process.


Currently, SIX significant petitions are circulating, reflecting the diverse concerns and priorities of Arkansans. 

Period Poverty Project aka Eliminating the Tampon Tax

Removes sales & use tax on hygiene products, diapers

AR Period Poverty

Message on FB

Right to Government Transparency Act

FOIA ActStrengthens FOIA

Ar Citizens 4Transparency


Right to Gov. Transparency Amendment

FOIA Amendment

Codifies the FOIA Act of 1967, repeals Gov. Act of 2023


Reproductive Rights Amendment

Abortion Amendment

Arkansans for Limited Government


Education Amendment


For AR Kids

Medical Marijuana Amendment

Marijuana Petition

Expends medical access 

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