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Buttons and Stickers

October is the launch of a county-wide postcard writing campaign designed to encourage voters to get out to the polls on November 8th.


To raise funds for the printing and postage for these, we've designed 3 different 2.25 inch round buttons and a 2x2 square sticker. The suggested donation for each button/sticker is $5.

Button Designs

BEST (2).png
Dem Button.png

Sticker Design

Dem Sticker.png

Order Buttons and/or Stickers

Buttons and stickers are available for pickup starting Saturday, October 1st. 

The suggested donation for each button/sticker is $5. You can pre-order and pay online here, or pay in cash at the time of pickup. 

The primary distribution for these is at the WashCo Dems booth at the Fayetteville Farmer's Market every Saturday morning.

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