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Our Donors Keep Us Moving Forward!

Thank You, Donors!

Event-specific donors make our one time events possible. When you sign on as an event sponsor, you contribute to the success of our events where we can host candidates and voters in a space that creates communication, support, and ongoing relationships with our elected officials!

Sustaining donors make budgeting easier! Donating at this early stage of the campaign cycle allows our party to plan for coordinated candidate support in messaging, data collection, compliance, and fundraising.  A coordinated effort can support multiple candidates much more efficiently. You can help as a recurring donor for as little as $10 a month. We are changing lives little by little. Every bit counts! Join our donorship today.

We have 5 sustaining donorship tiers to choose from:

  • Bronze - $10/month - You receive a bronze pin, name recognition on our website, a car sticker, and program recognition

  • Silver - $25/month - You receive a silver pin, all of bronze, priority access, and a t-shirt

  • Gold - $50/month - You receive a gold pin, all of silver, and a memory quilt

  • Platinum - $100/month - You receive a gold pin, all of gold, special recognition at 2022 Dems Rock

  • Diamond - $415/month (or a one-time $5,000 donation) - all of the platinum, a legislative dinner, and a table at 2022 Dems Rock

*designates one time only donation

Platinum Sustaining Donors

  • Rhiannon DeLeeuw

  • Gary Barrow*

  • Nancy Denn*

  • Sharon Berman*

  • Kate Wallis* 

Bronze Sustaining Donors

  • Margaret Jacobsen

  • Karen Takemoto

  • Sharon Berman

  • Emily Sledge

  • Sarah Thompson

  • Angie Maxwell

  • Doug Sharp

  • Christina Smith

  • Donna Trumbo

  • Suzanne Scherer

  • Trudi & Jeff Rust

  • Richard Billingsley

Gold Sustaining Donors

  • Diane Bryant,

  • Julie & Jerry Moody,

  • Brandon Rush,

  • Anne Greeott*

  • Bonnie Cook*

  • D'Andre Jones

Silver Sustaining Donors

  • Beth Coger

  • Elizabeth Woods

  • Lou Sharp

  • Ashley Merritt-Stanley

  • Necia Parker-Gibson

  • Michael Reynolds

  • Lynn Carver

  • Erin & Josh Moody

  • Bill & Georgia Ross

  • Brady Bremer

  • Leah Garrett*

  • Lynn Cunningham

  • Lynn Harper

  • Hawley Woods

  • Dick Bennett

  • Alice Brown

  • Alessandra Brown*

  • Christina Smith

  • Dona & Earnie Montgomery

Event Sponsors

True Blue Tuesday with Jesse Gibson

  • Lauren Mallett Hays

  • Representative Denise Garner

  • Sarah Brewer Thompson 

  • Lynn Carver

  • Diane Bryant

  • Necia Parker-Gibson

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