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Volunteer Opportunities

Campaign season will be in full swing before we know it, and candidates need help reaching voters. There are many ways to support of our excellent candidates. 


  • Knocking doors of registered voters to introduce them to candidates in their district. And if you're not interested in physically knocking on doors, you can still support others doing this work. You could drive the candidate or volunteer house to house. Hand them literature to give to each door so they're not carrying it all. Or you could enter and sync data in MiniVAN (or via a paper list) as they go. 

  • Calling registered voters to introduce them to the candidates in their district. This can be done from the comfort of your home, as your schedule allows. 

  • Writing letters and/or sending postcards to registered voters encouraging them to vote. You can start writing letters any day, encouraging registered voters to check their voter registration information and introduce them to a candidate or two. In October, we'll start writing postcards to newly registered voters. More details will be announced about that soon. 

Candidates will be out knocking on doors and calling voters on a regular basis, as you'll see on the calendar below. You can either join them during those scheduled times, or we can create a list for you to take and do on your own time. 

Volunteer Calendar

Want to do it on your own time?

If you can't make it during any of the above times, each candidate can create a list for you to tackle on your own time. To set this up, please contact each candidate below. If you're not sure who you'd like to knock/call on behalf of, reach out to Margaret Jacobson at

Volunteer Training Videos

MiniVAN/Door Knocking Training
MiniVAN/Phone Bank Training
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