Make a plan to VOTE!

There are 13 location options for EARLY VOTING.

There are 40 location options for voting on ELECTION DAY.

Know before you go!

Find your sample ballot here:

  • Type in your personal info and click “LOOK UP” then scroll to the very bottom of the page for links to the Democratic, Republican, and Nonpartisan ballots. 

  • Please know that if there is a runoff, you will only be able to vote in the runoff election of the party you voted in to start with. 

  • Additionally, if you select the “non” (partisan) ballot, you will only have the option to vote in the non-partisan races which are only the Arkansas Supreme Court & Prosecuting Attorney + any ballot initiatives that are available in your precinct.

Vote - limted early locations.PNG
Vote - early locations.PNG
Vote - election day May 2022.PNG